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Tatyana Balesna, #LegendaryTeam!

Tatyana Balesna, #LegendaryTeam! - photo -

We continue to get to know the #LegendaryTeam!

Our beautiful company of men is perfectly complemented by a woman

Tetyana Balesna, Deputy Chairman of the Board, area of responsibility – Credit risks and financial control

Occupation: Outstanding mathematician

Three strong qualities?
Responsibility, ingenuity, structural thinking

Harmful/bad habit that gets in the way?
This is not a habit of mine, but a character trait. This is maximalism. It slightly slows down the pace of development

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?
Learn even more! As much as possible! Get deep knowledge in what you plan to do in life. This is the foundation for success!

Your perfect day?
This is the day when you get good results from your efforts. It is a day when everything is good for my loved ones.

Hobbies, sports?
I like sports, especially tennis or squash. I also like to cook something tasty for relatives and friends.

How do you see the bank in 5 years?
Taking into account the bank's innovative development strategy and our win-win strategy, I am sure that this will be a very modern financial ecosystem, in which all our clients' issues will be solved online using mob. applications, chatbots and online assistants.

Why did you choose banking?
Accidentally. I really liked mathematics at school. And she dreamed of becoming a great mathematician, or the best teacher of mathematics. But life circumstances changed my plans, and I received an economic education in the direction of "Banking". And, by the way, my passion for mathematics helped me a lot in this matter

Isn't it boring after so much time?
Boring?? What about you! Every day is a new challenge. There is no time to be bored

Give life or financial advice to our subscribers:
If you decide to take a loan, correctly assess your financial capabilities.
The payment should not exceed 25% of your monthly income.
Well, as a mathematician, I provide the formula:
Maximum loan amount = 25% of monthly income*number of lending months.
Then the repayment period will be comfortable for you and will not become a black line in your life

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