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History of the Bank

Public Joint-Stock Company “MTB BANK” is a legal successor of Joint-Stock Company “MARFIN BANK”, established on November 5, 1993.
The bank has the license from the National Bank of Ukraine No. 66 dated 19.03.2018; the bank is also an authorized bank of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.
September 17

Marfin Popular Bank Public Co LTD (Republic of Cyprus), the leader in banking business in Cyprus, became the owner of the MORSKOI TRANSPORTNYI BANK (MARITIME TRANSPORT BANK) JSC. That laid foundation for JSC "MTB" joining the big European financial group Marfin Popular Bank.

March 17

In 2009 according to Bankir (“Банкир”), specialized business magazine, the bank was awarded with the nomination “The bank with high level of business openness and transparency” as a part of the competition The Bank of the Year 2009”

December 12

The International Socrates Committee of Europe Business Assembly (Oxford, England) awarded MARFIN BANK PJSC with the “European Quality” prize, which shows the compliance of the bank services with the high standards of quality and European standards of competitiveness.

By the decision of the MARFIN BANK PJSC shareholder meeting of 24.01.11 the registered capital was increased from UAH 105,000,000 to UAH 435,000,050. Until June, 2017 Republic of Cyprus represented by the Minister of Finance has been the bank’s ultimate beneficiary.

November 12

Joint-Stock Company MORSKOI TRANSPORTNYI BANK (MARITIME TRANSPORT BANK) changed its name into the Public Joint-Stock Company MARFIN BANK. In April 2012 Marfin Popular Bank Public Co LTD (Republic of Cyprus) was renamed as CYPRUS POPULAR BANK PUBLIC CO LTD (Republic of Cyprus).

December 26

At the VIII All-Ukrainian competition “The Bank of the Year – 2016” MARFIN BANK PJSC became the winner in the nomination “The Bank – Reliable Business Partner”.

June 14

The major shareholding of the MARFIN BANK PJSC was sold. SAGGARCO LIMITED (Cyprus) became the new owner of the MARFIN BANK PJSC. Consequently, Ukrainian citizens, Mikhail Partikevich and Ihor Zgurov, became the ultimate beneficiaries of the Bank.

June 15

On June 15 due to the change of ownership the special meeting of shareholders of the MARFIN BANK PJSC was carried out, at which the composition of the Supervisory Board was re-elected. Ihor Aleksandrovich Zgurov was elected as the Head of the Supervisory Board.

March 5

MARFIN BANK PJSC officially changed its name to MTB BANK PJSC

10 Aygust

The National Bank of Ukraine has given permission for reorganization by merging PJSC "CB" Center" with PJSC "MTB BANK" under a simplified procedure.

9 October

Shareholders of PJSC "MTB BANK" and OJSC "CB" Center" at an extraordinary general meeting approved the Transfer Act, with the result that PJSC "MTB BANK" became the legal successor of all rights and obligations of PJSC "CB" Center" in relation to its customers, partners and counterparties , and the authorized capital of PJSC "MTB BANK" increased to 635 million UAH.

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