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Deposit line

Hryvna, Euro, Dollar
from 5000 UAH, 1000 USD / EUR
Interest rate, per annum
up to 8%
from 3 days
Calculation of the profitability of the deposit
Important! The amount of the calculation is approximate and will be specified in the bank branch
Deposit amount
Term of deposit, month
Annual rate
Amount at the end of the term (before interest tax)
See the schedule of interest accrual
See the schedule of interest accrual

The ability to place various tranches (deposits) for different periods at different interest rates on one deposit account for a certain period and at a certain interest rate.



deposit / tranche term: from 3 to 365 calendar days, all tranches are placed within one deposit line and within the validity period of the deposit line;

maximum deposit / tranche amount: without restrictions;

replenishment of the tranche is impossible: it is possible to issue another tranche for an additional amount;

interest accrual: interest on the deposit is calculated from the date of depositing funds to the account, until the day preceding the return date;

interest payment: interest on the deposit is transferred to the current account on the first business day of the month following the reporting one;

early removal of the tranche is not permitted;

the tranche is paid to the depositor at the end of the placement period by transferring to the current account.

To establish a deposit - fill out an application and our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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