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Rates on operations with card accounts

To travel abroad with Payment Card VISA or Mastercard, which is opened in UAH, is easy and convenient:

  • You can easily pay or withdraw cash in any currency worldwide
  • Do not have to worry about buying/exchanging currencies in the country/region of stay in advance
  • No need to open additional payment cards in other currencies

Recommendations for opening Visa or Mastercard Payment Cards in US dollars or Euros depending on the country/region of stay:

  • For travel to countries where the currency of the calculation is in US dollar, it is recommended to open Visa or Mastercard Payment Card in US dollars; and traveling to the Euro zone countries, where the currency of calculation is exclusively Euro - Visa in Euro.
  • For travel to Euro zone countries, where the accounting currency is different from Euro, it is recommended to open Visa or Mastercard payment cards in US dollars.
  • For example: Open  Visa Payment Card, if you go to Hungary or the UK Issue Visa Payment card in US dollars
Pay attention! When paying with card for purchases, including in the Internet, or withdrawing cash from Automatic Cash Dispensers abroad in order to avoid unnecessary conversion by the acquiring party, it is recommended to choose exclusively the national currency of the country/region of stay as calculated.

Procedure for calculating the amount of blocking/debiting funds during transactions in case if the transaction currency differs from the card account currency:

  • At the time of performing transactions with card account, the amount is blocked, the amount of which is determined taking into account the rate of the international payment system of the card - C or MasterCard - and the rate of the bank on transactions on card accounts, which are carried out in currency other than the currency of the card account.
  • During 2-10 days after performing transactions the bank debits the amount of funds from the card account taking into consideration:

    • Rates of payment system Visa или MasterCard, where the transaction currency is different from UAH/ US dollar/Euro (for example: operations in Bulgarian levs (Bulgaria), Turkish liras (Turkey) other);
    • Rate of the Bank to recalculate the amount on card transactions as of the date of withdrawal from the account;
    • Conversion fees in accordance with applicable bank rates

Rates for transactions * on card accounts on: 24.04.2024

Rate for the day until 15:00 after 15:00
USD / UAH 40.10 40.10
EUR / UAH 43.00 43.00
* the first is the currency in which the transaction was made, the second is the currency of the card account
Archive of conversion rates written off from card accounts to:
Rate for the day until 15:00 after 15:00
USD / UAH 40.10 40.10
EUR / UAH 43.00 43.00

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