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Corporate Cards

The optimal combination of a business-class payment card and an electronic checkbook at the enterprise. Managers of thousands of companies around the world prefer to pay representation and travel expenses through corporate cards, as well as expenses related to main business activity of the company.The card allows you to carry out various operations, including renting cars, booking tickets, booking hotels, paying for restaurants, buying stationery, subscribing to periodicals, purchasing other goods and services.



Corporate cards are issued to employees of enterprises (companies) - legal entities, as well as to individuals-entrepreneurs on the basis of the Public Offer - from MC Debit Standard Contactless to MC Business and Visa International - Visa Classic. For the management of companies whose business urges them to travel a lot - MC Debit Gold Contactless / Visa Gold, as well as Visa Platinum.

Control over the targeted use of funds by holders of corporate cards is carried out by the account holder.

Accounts with the issuance of corporate cards can not be used: