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Insurance program «Emergency Ambulance»

For holders of the bonus card “MTB ELITE“, PJSC “MTB BANK” together with the insurance company “Universalna” in the framework of the partnership program we offer to use the service “Emergency ambulance” insurance.

The program provides for:

organization and payment of medical assistance to the Insured person at conditions that require urgent medical assistance, failure to provide which can lead to death or irreversible changes in the body. Emergency medical care is organized around the clock on working days, weekends and holidays.

Indications for calling an ambulance for Insured Persons are: - loss of consciousness; convulsions; sudden breath disorder; sudden pain in the area of ​​the heart; blood vomiting; acute abdominal pain; severe bleeding of all kinds; types of injuries (severe injuries, fractures, severe burns, severe sores, head injuries); electric shock, lightning, asphyxiation of all kinds (drowning, ingestion of foreign objects into the airways); injuries in emergencies (road accidents, industrial accidents); signs of all kinds of poisoning, bites of life-threatening animals, snakes; disturbance of normal pregnancy (premature birth, bleeding);

List of medical care:

The insurance amount under the Agreement is 14 000,00 UAH.

The territory covered by Agreement: Ukraine.