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Insurance program «Emergency Ambulance»

MTB Bank PJSC, jointly with Universal insurance company, offers Emergency Medical Assistance insurance service to holders of MTB ELITE premium card package as part of their partnership.

This program includes:

organization of, and payment for, medical assistance to the insured in the conditions necessitating emergency medical assistance and which could result, if no assistance provided, in the death or irreversible medium or severe changes in the body. Emergency medical assistance is available 24 hours a day, on workdays, weekends and holidays.

To call for emergency medical assistance, an insured must have the following indications: loss of conscience, convulsions, sudden respiratory disorder, sudden heartache, blood vomit, strong stomach pain, heavy bleeding of all types, traumas of all types (severe injuries, bone ruptures, severe burns, severe concussions, head injuries), electrical shock, lightning strike, asphyxia of all types (drowning, foreign objects getting into respiratory tracts); injuries caused by accidents (road accidents, industrial accidents); all types of poisoning, life-threatening animal and snake bites, disruption of normal course of pregnancy (premature childbirth, bleeding).

List of medical assistance services:

Insurance amount under agreement: 50,000 hryvnias.

Like the Accident Insurance package, this program offers coverage in Ukraine only.

Call the phone number shown on top of the page to find out how to insure yourself or your close ones, or to learn more about the Third Party Liability Insurance policy and other services offered by MTB Bank.

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