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Internet-Banking MTB Business

Welcome to the new Internet-Banking MTB Business version

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What Is MTB Business?

MTB Business is an online platform that allows businesses of all types to manage their finances online. It offers a wide range of services, including account management, payment processing, statement viewing, and various types of financial analytics and reporting. Internet banking for business provides an opportunity to significantly simplify and automate financial management processes, which saves time and money for the company. You may also be interested in a business loan.

Functionality of MTB Business

Welcome to MTB Business, an online bank for legal entities. It is your reliable partner in financial management. Take advantage of the wide range of features available in our system:

  • create payments in foreign and national currencies, providing flexibility in your company's financial transactions;
  • view statements, balances and turnovers on your accounts in real time, so you always have up-to-date information on the state of your finances;
  • create orders for the purchase, sale and conversion of currency, optimising the management of your business's foreign exchange transactions;
  • keep records and manage the finances of several companies within the Financial Control Centre, simplifying the management of a group of companies;
  • import and export data to your accounting or ERP/BI systems, ensuring effective integration with other business processes.

MTB Business is not just an Internet bank for legal entities, but also a reliable tool that will help you effectively manage your finances, reducing time costs, and increasing the level of control and transparency of your financial transactions.

Advantages of MTB Business

The MTB Business personal account provides a number of benefits, making financial management of your business convenient, secure and efficient. It is a reliable tool that will help you optimise your business financial management, providing comfort, security and resource savings. 

Comprehensive remote banking services allow you to make payments without the need to visit the bank, which saves you time and resources. The ability to work with MTB Bank from anywhere in the world provides flexibility and accessibility to manage your finances, regardless of your location.

The likelihood of operational errors is reduced due to the absence of the need to fill in payment orders manually, which eliminates mechanical errors and increases the accuracy of financial transactions. For legal entities, MTB Business guarantees a high level of security provided by an encrypted system using certified cryptographic tools for transactions, which protects your financial data from unauthorised access.

The use of document templates reduces the amount of manual work and simplifies the process of preparing documentation. Cost savings are achieved due to the low fees for making payments through the MTB Business system compared to the fees for making payments on paper.

To enter the Internet-Banking MTB Business system, you must:

  • Contact your account manager at the branch.
  • Sign an application on the provision of services in the Internet-Banking MTB Business system
  • Get primary certificates and login to the Internet-Banking MTB Business system
  • Generate permanent EDS keys (from your workplace) in the Internet-Banking MTB-B system and send a request to the Bank for the EDS keys certification.

If you are using a laptop, bring it to our branch and we will help you to install and set up the Internet-Banking MTB Business for you to operate.

What's new in the MTB Business Internet Bank system?

Updates in January 2024
Update July 2023
Updates in October 2022
Updates in April 2022
Updates in September 2021
Data Updating as of April 2021
Data Updating as of February 2021


Frequently asked questions

How is security achieved in MTB Business?
Can I work with several companies through the Internet bank for business?

Yes, our Internet bank provides functionality for managing the finances of several companies from one account.

What should I do if I have problems accessing the Internet Banking?

If you have any problems accessing the Internet Bank, we recommend that you contact MTB Bank's customer support team for assistance and to resolve the issue.

Is it possible to integrate with other business systems?

Our online bank for business provides the ability to integrate with accounting, ERP and other systems, which allows you to automate data exchange processes.

How often is the information in MTB Business updated?

The information is constantly updated in real time, which allows you to see the current status of your accounts, transactions and other data without delay.

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