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Cash Collection Services

PJSC “MTB Bank” offers services on transportation of the currency values and collection, delivering the currency values purchased from the Bank to the bank-counterparties.

Values transportation is performed in the specialized motor vehicles with different class of armoring by the specially trained professionals accompanied by the specialized security personnel armed with the firearms.

PJSC “MTB Bank” bears full material responsibility for the transported values and warranties the confidentiality and reliability of the collection services.


In establishing the rates for the services the bank considers whole range of the banking services rendered to the customer, consequently the rates of the PJSC “MTB Bank” from the services on transportation of the values and collection are flexible and established according to the individual conditions of the servicing every customers’. The basic parameters influencing the rates value for the currency values transportation and collection are the location of the serviced objects of the customer (distance between the objects and the Bank), amounts of the transported values, customer’s usage of the other services of the Bank (cashier’s service, credit, deposit, card projects etc.), the quantity of the necessary collectors’ trips per week, customer’s order for the individual servicing time.

You may obtain more detailed information on the services on values transportation and collection, as well as to submit the application for conclusion of the agreement for the services interesting for you by: