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Transfer from card to card

Money transfer

Urgent money transfers are a service provided by MTB BANK, which allows transferring funds within Ukraine or abroad as well as receiving them from a sender located in Ukraine or abroad. They are made in the national currency, Russian rubles, US dollars or Euros. Currency bank transfers can be received in the national currency, Russian rubles, US dollars or Euros.

Transactions of MTB BANK

MTB BANK conducts various types of transfers in the national and foreign currencies, including:

  • sending funds based on client’s order,
  • crediting funds to client accounts.

If necessary, urgent money transfer systems are used (Western Union, Moneygram).

How to send and receive a transfer?

Within one business day, clients can transfer amounts equivalent to UAH 15,000. A monthly limit of transfers on card accounts is UAH 150,000. To do this, you need to open a current account and have documents confirming the purpose of transfer. The supporting document shall indicate the full name and address of the recipient, bank account details, bank name, amount of transfer, currency and purpose of payment.

At the scheduled time, the recipient of the funds must provide a passport or ID card, indicate the full name of the sender, country of remittance, the exact amount and number of the payment transfer.

Advantages of MTB BANK

  • minimum package of documents,
  • high speed of transfers,
  • large choice of currencies,
  • minimum fee,
  • high level of service.

For detailed information about the terms of money transfers in UAH without opening an account or other payment transactions, please visit the nearest bank branch or call 0 800 500-255.

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