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Money transfer

PJSC "MTB BANK" carries out various kinds of transfers and payments both in national currency and in foreign currencies (including transactions using express money transfer systems), conducts transactions of funds transfer on behalf of the client, and transactions of crediting the funds into the client’s accounts.

Express money transfers allow fast and safe transfer of money to other individual within the territory of Ukraine and abroad, as well as receiving money from abroad or within the country. Transfers abroad can be carried out in USD, EUR and RUB. Transfers within Ukraine can be made in national currency, in USD, EUR and RUB.

In a foreign country the transfer can be paid in the currency of transfer or in other freely convertible currency, as well as in the national currency (depending on the destination country and transfer system).

In order to transfer the equivalent of more than UAH 15,000 in one working day by one client, but not more than UAH 150,000 per month one needs: current account and the documents confirming the aim of the transfer.

The following documents are deemed as the confirming documents: agreements (contracts), invoices, invoice letters or letters of notification to the non-resident legal entities, foreign authorized bodies, letters from lawyers or notaries of foreign countries, statements of claim, invitations, documents confirming relative status (or their notarized copies) and other confirming documents, used in international practice. Confirming documents (except for those confirming relative status) should contain the following data: full name and location of the remittee, name of the bank and destination account details, unit of currency, payable amount and payment purpose.