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Purchase of Securities by the Bank

PJSC “MTB BANK” purchases different securities depending on the situation on the international financial markets. The list of securities offered for purchase from customer is determined in the internal policy of the bank and updated at the Securities Department on the date when a need arises for the customer to sell. 

In case the Customer of the Bank finds it necessary to sell the securities of portfolio, PJSC “MTB BANK” may purchase these securities in the shortest period of time.

Government Securities

PJSC “MTB Bank” purchases government securities issued according to the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine the issuers of which are authorised state authorities.
Government securities are divided into:

Government securities are the riskless securities in comparison with the other securities.
PJSC “MTB Bank” is the active participant of the government securities market  

Corporate securities

PJSC “MTB Bank” purchases the corporate securities - the securities issued according to the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine by the enterprises of any form of ownership.

Corporate securities are more profitable in comparison with the government securities and different types of bank deposits. They are issued in order to simplify the process of funding, attraction, management and distribution of the monetary funds in the process of economic activity of the issuer.
The Bank trades with the corporate securities in the organized and non-organized securities market.