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Safe Box Rental

Tariffs for the provision of individual bank safes to customers.

Tariffs for providing individual bank safes for the use of legal entities and private individuals.

PJSC “MTB Bank” offers services on custody of the values and documents of the customers of the bank, individuals, according to the license issued by the National Bank of Ukraine.

Individual Safes Depository is the special depository equipped with the safes for storing values and documents of the customers of the bank, technical equipment of which conforms with the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Safe-deposit boxe is the specially equipped safe located in the depository of the safe-deposit boxes, which is locked with two keys—of the authorized employee of the bank and the customer.

Safes features:


  1. Safe-deposit boxe is provided to the lease of the individual by the Agreement on Lease of the safe-deposit boxe .
  2. The leasing fee is charged according to the Rates of the Bank
  3. In case the safe is provided for lease the property inventory is not made. The representative of the bank shall not be present while the customer puts the values into the safe.
  4. The bank provides proper protection of the safe
  5. The bank guarantees the confidentiality. The safe may be opened only in the customer’s presence.
  6. The lessee has the right to allow his/her authorized persons to use the safe
  7. In conclusion of the Agreement the Customer shall pay the security to the Bank for the use of the key. In case the key is lost the amount of the security is not returned and is used to change the safe key.
  8. Access to the safe is possible only in the operation days according to the operation hours of the Bank.
  9. Rates for lease of the safes include VAT.