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Technical loans

Loans are provided on the security of proprietary rights to deposits placed with PJSC "MTB BANK"
The credit line can be renewable and non-renewable secured by the deposit in the currency of the credit or other currency.

The credit is provided for corporate clients, as well as for small business clients: legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Currency - UAH, USD, EUR

Repayment of interest – monthly



The amount of the bank deposit should be equal or exceed the credit amount;

Credit type - credit line;

Credit currency - UAH, USD, EUR;

Payment of interest - monthly;

Payment of the principal debt on the credit - at the end of the period;

Term of placement of a bank deposit should exceed the credit period by at least 10 working days.

Security - pledge of property rights under a bank deposit agreement (deposit), placed in PJSC "MTB BANK"; guarantee of an individual (mortgagor of property rights under bank deposit agreements/deposit).