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Premium Gold

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Premium Gold

We want to do everything to make your voyage as comfortable as possible.
Issue a payment card at a promotional price, get possibility of payments worldwide. With the “Premium Gold” Package you will get a number of additional services, such as insurance of individuals traveling abroad, and the issue of an insurance policy under the program “Emergency Medical Assistance” and other pleasant and convenient services.


contactless cards class GOLD (MasterCard Debit PayPass / Visa Debit PayWave);

contactless payment for purchases with Google Pay (MasterCard / Visa);

secure online payment service 3D Secure;

participation in the MasterCard bonus program - More;

package price - 1.64 UAH. in a day;

cash withdrawal without commission at any ATM of Ukraine (MasterCard Debit);

concierge service GOLD;

insurance of individuals traveling abroad from IC “Respect” (insurance coverage - 30 000 EUR);

non-cash payments in the trade and service network and the Internet - free of charge;

E-mail banking / Internet banking / Mobile banking / SMS - banking;

payment up to 500 UAH - MasterCard / up to 1000 UAH - Visa, without entering a PIN-code and signature, contactless - off-line or on-line;

payment over 500 UAH - MasterCard / over 1000 UAH - Visa, with the input of a PIN-code and signature, contactless - only on-line.

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  • card type: MasterCard Debit Gold Contactless / Visa Gold PayWave;
  • card validity period: 2 years;
  • currency: UAH / USD / EUR;
  • registration of the main card: free of charge;
  • monthly payment for cash management services: free of charge;
  • annual fee for RKO: 600.00 UAH;
  • registration / maintenance of an additional card of the same class: free of charge;
  • minimum balance on the account: absent;
  • interest accrued to the account balance: UAH - 7.00% / USD - 0.50% / EUR - 0.25%;
  • cash replenishment at the cash desk of the Bank: not charged;
  • non-cash transfer of funds: 0.8% min 5.00 UAH / 1.00 USD / EUR;
  • cash withdrawals at ATMs and branches of PJSC "MTB BANK": no commission;
  • cash withdrawal at ATMs of the partner bank FUIB (Radius network): no commission.

Procedure of execution

Execute an application

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Make an arrangement with the manager

At the meeting discuss terms and conditions and execute the documents

Application for execution of services

After you have sent an application, a Bank officer will call you and inform you about the procedure of execution of the service in the Bank department