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Present for payments Action from 03.04.2019 to 02.07.2019

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Action «SALARY + :)» 25.03.2019 - 01.07.2019

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Cashback of 2% on payroll cards

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10% on the salary card

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Pay by Google Pay

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Deposit "Mobile Capital"

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Deposit "Hit The Ten"

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Rate Package “Care”

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Deposit Collateral

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The loan amount is up to UAH 100 000 for a period of up to 36 months. Without collateral and guarantors.

Program «Credit card «Benefit»

This is a separate financial instrument that allows you to control the calculations of credit funds. A credit card allows you to maintain financial stability in "special cases."

For Seafarers

It is provided for any consumer needs, including for the costs associated with execution of the seafarers' employment contract, or other expenses related to the trip.

Credit Light

It is the best way for solving any financial problems – payment for repair, purchase of household appliances, payment for child’s education and other needs.


It is provided for purchasing the real estate.

Vehicle Purchase

It is provided for purchasing a new vehicle.

Calculation of loan payment
Loan amount
Loan period, months
Monthly payment
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Banking and insurance services in one offer. Draw out money without commissions, pay contactless, be sure in safety of funds. We insure against the theft of the card, cash and purchases.

Universal Standard

Complex banking service package that includes the following bank products and services for the clients-individuals: Issue of the Payment Card “Master Card Mass”, Connection to SMS-Banking, Electronic Payment System (EPS) Internet-Banking …

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Premium Gold

The package of services "Premium Gold" is oriented for new and existing VIP clients - individuals. The package represents a privileged payment card with a long period of validity and additional privileges.

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All INCLUSIVE (for salary)

“All Inclusive” package of services is offered for the new and current customers-individuals under the salary project.

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Sea Wolf

Get the payment card with the minimum amount of withdrawal limit of USD/EUR 30.

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Multiply your capital by placing monetary funds on deposit accounts in national and foreign currencies. Choose the deposit that will be most convenient for you.
Allowable deposit amount
from 100 UAH
Interest rates
up to 16.5%
Possible deposit currencies

Exchange rates on 20.04.2019

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26.70 UAH
29.90 UAH
0.38 UAH
33.00 UAH
27.20 UAH
30.70 UAH
0.42 UAH
37.00 UAH


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