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In case you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the Bank's activities, please let us know in any convenient for you way:

the Bank's help desk (Monday-Friday from 8.30 up to 20.30):

by sending a written appeal :

or leaving a written appeal at any «MTB BANK» PJSC branch

Appeals can be submitted personally or through an authorized person in all locations where services are provided to customers.

A written appeal without indicating the place of residence, not signed by the author (s), as well as one from which it is impossible to establish authorship, is considered anonymous and will not be handled.

Requirements for the presentation of oral and written appeals, as well as the procedure and terms for considering appeals are determined by the Law of Ukraine "On citizens' appeals" and the Procedure for considering customer appeals to MTB BANK PJSC, approved by minutes of the Board meeting of MTB BANK JSC No. 45 dated 04.05.2020:

You can find out the processing status for your appeal by phone:

The total period for considering appeals (in case of its extension, if it is impossible to resolve the issue raised in the appeal within a month) should not exceed forty-five days.

You have the right to apply to the National Bank of Ukraine, list of contact details is available in section "Appeals of Citizens", please visit the official National Bank representation on the Internet to find solution of issues raised in appeals, including cases when the Bank did not provide a response to the appeal within the established by law of Ukraine term for considering appeals or the answer did not satisfy you (the appeal procedure is determined by the Instruction on the organization of considering appeals and personal reception of citizens in the National Bank of Ukraine, approved by the resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 18 dated 01.03.2018

Please note that submitting an application to MTB BANK PJSC or the National Bank does not deprive you of the right to apply to the court comply with the legislation of Ukraine for the protection of your rights and interests.

Bank officials are liable under the legislation of Ukraine for refusal to accept and review applications, violation of terms for considering appeals, and other violations of customers’ rights to apply under the legislation of Ukraine.

The Chairman of the Board and managers of Central branches of the Bank conduct a personal reception comply with requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On citizens' appeals”

Personal reception is held at the location of a separate Bank division – “Personal Reception”

You can make an appointment by phone.

Operating hours of the Bank's Central branches.

During the prior appointment for a personal reception, the Bank employee finds out your details, namely:

MEMO for customers who apply for a personal reception with the Bank management and employees of MTB BANK PJSC.

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