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Available loans 5-7-9%

Procedure of execution

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The Program has been developed

comply with the procedure for providing financial state aid to microenterprises and small businesses. It is implemented by the Government of Ukraine at the initiative of the President of Ukraine

The purpose of the Program is

to support investment projects of micro - and small Ukrainian entrepreneurs, which will contribute to creating new jobs, legalize and expand the activities of small businesses increasing their competitiveness and will strengthen the economy.

Loans under the Program are provided for:
  • working capital financing;
  • acquisition of non-residential real estate and/or land plots for the purpose of carrying out economic activities;
  • implementation of construction, reconstruction, repair in non-residential premises;
  • reconstruction of MSME assets destroyed as a result of military aggression;
  • financing of agricultural producers for carrying out agricultural activities;
  • acquisition of intellectual property rights;

The compensation interest rate is the rate paid by the client, which makes 5-7-9%. The difference between the Compensation and Basic interest rates is made up by the state.

UIRD (Ukrainian Index of Retail Deposit Rates) - Ukrainian index of rates on deposits of individuals, calculated on the basis of nominal rates of the market of deposits of individuals, announced by banks of Ukraine for a period of 3 months, and published daily on the website of the Ministry of Finance. signing the contract base

Available loans 5-7-9% - photo -
For businesses with an annual income of up to 10 million euros for investment purposes

  • provided that 2 new employees are hired during the first quarter:
  • for priority areas*
Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 2 -
For businesses with annual revenue up to the equivalent of 10 million euros and priority areas.

  • for each workplace, the compensation rate is reduced by 0.5% per annum, but not below 5% per annum (applies to micro and small enterprises for investment purposes)
  • is used for investment lending to medium and large enterprises, whose activities are a priority area
  • is used to finance the working capital of any segment of enterprises whose activities are a priority area.
Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 3 -
For businesses with an annual income of no more than the equivalent of EUR 40 million for investment purposes.
For businesses with any income to replenish working capital.

  • medium and large enterprises for investment purposes
  • all segments for the purpose of replenishment of working capital

* Valid until March 31, 2024, upon completion – the Bank's market rate.

Basic Program parameters
Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 4 -
Additional interest rate compensation

1 or 0.5 percentage points for each new employee for investment loans

Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 5 -
Maximum loan amount

not more than UAH 1 billion, but the maximum amount of state aid may not exceed the equivalent of 200,000. 00 Euro for a three-year period.

Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 6 -
Maximum loan term

Up to 5 years - for investment loans

Up to 3 years – for working capital replenishment loans

Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 7 -
Bank Commission

Maximum value — 1%

Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 8 -
Participant's own contribution

For an existing business — from 20% of the project amount
For a newly created business — from 30% of the project amount

Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 9 -
Warranty fee

0.5% per annum of the amount owed under the MSE loan

Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 10 -
Warranty coverage level

50% of the amount owed under the MSE loan

Profile of the participant
Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 11 -
Newly created businesses.
  • Conducting business for less than 12 months.
  • Availability of experience and business plan for implementing an investment project
  • The total amount of state aid received by small businesses during any three-year period of the Program implementation may not exceed the equivalent of 200 thousand Euro
Available loans 5-7-9% - photo 12 -
Already operating companies
  • Conducting business for more than 12 months.
  • Profitable activity for at least one of the last two reporting years
  • The total amount of state aid received by small businesses during any three-year period of the Program implementation may not exceed the equivalent of 200 thousand Euro
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