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What has changed for citizens in the foreign exchange market due to the war?

What has changed for citizens in the foreign exchange market due to the war? - photo -

What is the current official exchange rate of the hryvnia to foreign currencies?

On February 24, 2022, the NBU fixed the official exchange rate of the hryvnia to the US dollar at 29.25 UAH/$. Courses  to other currencies are set by the NBU daily. Bank rates may differ from the official NBU rate. 

Is it possible to buy foreign currency in cash?

The purchase of foreign currency is temporarily prohibited.

Exception – it is possible to buy foreign currency in bank branches located in territories under threat of occupation by the aggressor state. Before visiting the branch, call your bank's hotline and check the details of branch operations and availability of cash.

Is it possible to sell cash foreign currency?

Yes, if it is not Russian or Belarusian rubles. The National Bank did not set any restrictions on the sale of other currencies.

Is it possible to transfer foreign currency abroad?

It is allowed to transfer from one's own cards to the cards of individuals abroad up to UAH 100,000 equivalent per month. This is, for example, about $3.4 thousand. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that the corresponding limit applies to transactions using payment cards for the purchase of assets that belong to quasi cash transactions.

It is allowed to transfer funds abroad without restrictions to pay for education and expenses related to the death of citizens, treatment in medical institutions and transportation of patients.

In addition, to support the activities of volunteers, individuals are allowed to transfer foreign currency for the purchase of a number of goods abroad within the monthly limit of UAH 400,000 equivalent (this is more than $13,500)

Such products include bulletproof vests, hard hats, helmets, military and tactical uniforms, military and tactical footwear, protective clothing, optical surveillance devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, sleeping bags, car cases and first aid supplies.

Can I withdraw cash from accounts?

100 thousand UAH – this is the daily limit for cash withdrawals in Ukraine. You can withdraw funds in hryvnias from hryvnia accounts, and from currency accounts – in foreign currency or in hryvnia, having previously sold the currency.

The same limit for withdrawing funds from foreign currency accounts applies abroad. At the same time, receiving cash from a hryvnia account is limited to UAH 100,000 per month.

Are there restrictions on non-cash payments?

There are no prohibitions. You can pay with cards of Ukrainian banks for goods and services in retail networks and the Internet without restrictions both in Ukraine and abroad.

Read more information about the conditions for using financial services during martial law in Ukraine on the special portal of the National Bank of Ukraine at the link:


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