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What to do if hryvnia banknotes are damaged by fire?

What to do if hryvnia banknotes are damaged by fire? - photo -



Significantly damaged hryvnia banknotes due to fire or other can be given to research for compensation.

Where to contact?

To regional divisions of monetary circulation of the National Bank of Ukraine, which today work in Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Khmelnytskyi and Lviv regions.

Contacts of the monetary circulation units of the NBU at the link:</ p>

First, you should call the relevant regional unit of the NBU money circulation and find out if the unit is working in your city in the coming days.

In the conditions of martial law, in order to simplify the procedure for exchanging fire-damaged banknotes, the regional divisions of the NBU monetary circulation have been provided with appropriate clarifications regarding the acceptance and exchange of such banknotes.

Together with the damaged banknotes, it is necessary to provide a certificate of fire, disaster, occurrence of another situation (if any), or indicate in the application the situation that caused the damage to the banknotes.

It is not recommended to independently break the integrity of banknotes, if damage to two or more banknotes led to their gluing (sintering).

If there is no money circulation division of the National Bank of Ukraine in your region, you should contact authorized banks (Oschadbank, Privatbank, Raiffeisen Bank, PUMB).

Authorized banks do not examine significantly damaged banknotes, but pack them with maximum preservation of integrity and transfer them as doubtful for research to the National Bank of Ukraine together with the bearer's statement, a certificate of withdrawal (acceptance) of banknotes for research and a certificate of fire. disaster, occurrence of another situation (if available).

What amount will be reimbursed?

According to the results of research conducted by the National Bank of Ukraine free of charge, customers are reimbursed the corresponding amount of banknotes of the national currency recognized as authentic and valid. The National Bank does not reimburse unpaid banknotes.

Read more information about the conditions for using financial services during martial law in Ukraine on the special portal of the National Bank of Ukraine at the link:


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