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Let's meet new friends of MTB Bank! We are #CyberDog and #CyberCat!

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Let's meet new friends of MTB Bank! We are #CyberDog and #CyberCat! - photo -

From now on, we are your personal advisors in the world of cyber security! Together we will help you avoid payment fraud. Once upon a time, we were also deceived by fraudsters, and we and our friends suffered from this. But one day we decided to put an end to it: we studied the rules of payment security, we secured ourselves and now we help people.

On May 30, the All-Ukrainian information campaign on payment security #CybersecurityofFinances started, organized by the National Bank and the State Special Service.
Its goal – improve citizens' awareness of payment security and develop skills in protecting financial data in virtual space. We have become its main characters and will tell people about the rules of payment security.

During the campaign you will learn:

  •  how to protect your accounts, computers, smartphones and other devices from hacking;
  •  how to create complex and unique passwords;
  •  how to configure multi-factor authentication;
  •  how to check sites where you enter your payment details, mobile apps and other applications before downloading;
  •  how to properly use public and home Wi-Fi networks;
  •  how to take care of the software on your own devices;
  •  and about other rules of safe behavior in virtual space.

The campaign will last until September 30, 2024 in all regions of Ukraine. We also have a website where you can find a lot of interesting and useful information:

The information campaign will be held with the support of the USAID Project "Investments for business sustainability".
Follow our advice, learn the rules of protection against payment fraud and together we will make the virtual space safer! See you soon! #Cybersecurity of Finances #CyberPes #CyberCat 

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