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Get ready for a financial space flight together with MTB Bank!

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Get ready for a financial space flight together with MTB Bank! - photo -

We want to tell you about an application that has been making our customers' lives easier and more convenient for a long time!

Thanks to it, you can control your card as if you were driving your own starship

1. Instantly issue a payment card and for this it is not even necessary to visit the bank.
2. Open a deposit in minutes, like a quick flight to the stars
3. Pay utilities without leaving your apartment
4. Buy and exchange currency.
5. Instantly send transfers abroad - faster than light!
6. Make payment using IBAN details.
7. Pay fines for traffic violations.
8. Pay insurance payments, because space is unpredictable, and your finances are under control.
9 . Manage your FOP account. And such a large-scale journey through the financial space can be with our application MTB360

Download the application from the link:

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