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Seafarer Services

PJSC "MTB BANK" offers seafarers and their relatives the following special services:

Deposit Sea

This product allows the seafarers to get maximum convenience when cooperating with the Bank, store, increase and manage their funds efficiently.

Deposit Sea provides automatic regular cash deposit under the authority of the depositor at expense of the funds, credited into the current account of the Client.

The depositors who opened the Maritime deposit have a possibility to get funds credited into the deposit in non-cash form in 90 days after the date of concluding the bank deposit agreement for free.

Sea program (credits)

The special credit program Sea allows getting the credit for consumption, including expenses related to the processing of employment contract and setting off for the sail. The term of the program is up to 12 months. The program is intended for individual seafarers considering the peculiarities of their professional life.

International payment cards

PJSC "MTB BANK" offers seafarers to get international payment cards MasterCard Worldwide and Visa International. International payment cards of different classes (from economy to premium) allow their holders to freely administer the funds, both in Ukraine and abroad, control the flows and account balance with the help of modern communication means, transfer the funds for crediting the deposit with the help bank payment tools, and give relatives access to the account.

Bank power of attorney for account management for third parties

At PJSC "MTB BANK" the client can execute the power of attorney for current/card account management (for current account by using special payment means) for third parties. It can be relatives or other persons whom the client wants to authorize either for cash deposit of the account or for having access both for cash deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Remote access services

Remote access services, such as SMS Banking, Internet Banking, and Email Banking allows remote monitoring of the account operations.