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Children's cards

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Children’s card
Children’s card

A real adult card for your child.

Children's card is issued to children aged 6 to 18 years as an additional card to the account of one of the parents - clients of MTB Bank.

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Is It Possible to Pay With a Payment Card?

MTB Bank offers its customers the opportunity to pay with a payment card, which is a convenient and secure way to make payments. Before using the card, you should read the terms and conditions of its use and possible fees.

Payment cards allow you to make various payments, but it is important to know some details:

  • The purpose of the card. A payment card is usually intended for receiving salary, payments from government agencies or social assistance.
  • Usage. Typically, you can use these cards to make purchases in stores and online, withdraw cash from ATMs, pay bills and utilities, and make card-to-card transfers.
  • Restrictions. Some charge cards may have restrictions on certain types of transactions or on the maximum amount you can spend or withdraw in a given period. The exact terms and conditions depend on the type of card.
  • Fees. You may be charged fees for certain transactions, such as cash withdrawals from other banks' ATMs or international transactions.

For detailed information on how to use your particular card for payments, we recommend that you contact an MTB Bank branch or read the terms and conditions of the card on our website.

What Should I Do if My Card Is Lost?

If you have lost your payment card, it is important to take the following steps immediately:

  • Block the card. This can be done through the MTB360 mobile application.
  • Inform the bank about it. Call MTB Bank customer support and report the loss of the card. The bank may block your card to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Check your transactions. Check your online banking to make sure that no unauthorised transactions have been made.
  • Order a new card. You can order a new card for transferring funds through the MTB360 mobile application or visit a bank branch in person. The bank may require you to confirm your identity by presenting documents.
  • Change the PIN code. If your card had a PIN code, change it for the new card.
  • Keep in touch. Follow any further instructions from MTB Bank as they will help prevent fraud.
  • Prevent future problems. Consider setting up transaction alerts or monitoring your account through online banking to quickly identify any suspicious activity.

Losing your card can be an unpleasant situation, but responding quickly can help minimise the risks.

Can I Pay for Online Purchases With a Payment Card?

Yes, you can usually pay for purchases on the Internet with a contactless payment card. Cards from MTB Bank have a number, expiry date and security code, like any other bank credit or debit card, which allows them to be used for online purchases.

However, before using your card for online shopping, you should make sure of the following:

  • Support for international transactions. Some charge cards may be designed for domestic use only, so make sure your card supports international payments if you plan to make purchases outside your home country.
  • Security. Make sure you only enter your card details on trusted and secure websites. 
  • Limits and fees. Read the terms and conditions of your rewards card, as it may have limits on purchases or fees for international transactions. Before you use your card for online purchases, read the terms and conditions.

In general, if your debit card supports international transactions and has all the necessary data to make an online payment, you should be able to use it for online purchases just like any other card.

How Do I Get a Card for My Own Needs or Social Payments?

You can get a card for your needs or social benefits quickly and conveniently using the MTB360 mobile application or at the nearest MTB Bank branch. Simply visit our branch or download MTB360 on your smartphone to order a card for payments online. Use fast and secure financial services from MTB Bank.

In What Currency Can I Get a Payment Card?

With our cards, you get real freedom. Support for USD, EUR and UAH currencies allows you to conveniently use your funds around the world. No matter where you are, your finances will always be under your control with our cards. This will give you maximum flexibility and the ability to withdraw funds from your card for payments when travelling or making international purchases. 

With our cards, you choose convenience and reliability because they support key world currencies. Enjoy seamless access to your electronic pocket anywhere in the world with our cards.

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