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From UAH 200,000 to UAH 7,000,000
Real interest rate: from 8.11% to 13.86% (from 3.92% to 9.39%)
from 1 to 20 years


State program

Fixed rate

Fair terms

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The state mortgage lending program is Oselya, initiated by the President of Ukraine

The eOselya program is implemented by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and "Ukrfinzhitlo" on the initiative of the President of Ukraine

To apply for - fill out an application and our officer will soon contact you.


How to issue a mortgage loan
  1. Apply through the Diya application
  2. Receive a reply with an offer from the bank and get further instructions
  3. Choose housing, collect documents and submit them to the bank
  4. Enter into a home purchase agreement and a mortgage agreement
Necessary documents

Documents of the Candidate

Documents of the Guarantor

Real estate documents
Warnings and possible consequences

Warnings and possible consequences
Important information:

1) How is the value of the real estate object determined for calculating the loan amount? - The value of the subject of the mortgage should not exceed the estimated value, determined on the basis of the evaluation report, conducted by the subject of evaluation activity or a bank employee who has a qualification certificate of the appraiser, and registered in the Unified database of evaluation reports.
2) Whether is it possible to mortgage other real estate that is not the object of purchase? - The object of the mortgage is exclusively the real estate object being purchased.
3) Is it necessary to insure the real estate – mortgage object? - Yes, housing (apartment), which is the subject of a mortgage, must be insured by the borrower against the risks of accidental destruction or accidental damage for the full appraised value.
4) Is early repayment of the loan provided for? Yes, it is possible to make full or partial early repayment of the loan at any time without any fines or commissions.
5) In what cases can you lose the right to receive compensation from the state? - provision of unreliable/invalid/false information about oneself and/or family members, which led to the payment of funds, interest compensation in favor of the client, who did not have the right to receive such interest compensation and is obliged to return such illegally obtained interest compensation within a month compensation - the client's use of loan funds received from the bank under the Mortgage Loan Agreement not for the purpose specified in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions, the Mortgage Loan Agreement, including the purchase of a mortgage item that does not meet the criteria and requirements specified in the Terms; - violation by the client of monetary obligations under the Mortgage Loan Agreement for more than 90 calendar days; - the absence of the bank for more than 90 calendar days of confirmation that clients belong to the category of citizens who have the right to receive Interest Compensation; - the client's loss of belonging to the category of citizens who have the right to receive Interest Compensation in accordance with the Terms, Rules and the Mortgage Loan Agreement.
6) How can I repay the loan? - Depositing cash through the Bank's cash desk. - Using Internet Banking.

According to Art. 17 ZU "On consumer lending"‎ The borrower has the right
Attention! According to Art. 17 of the Law "On Consumer Lending" The Borrower has the right at any time to fully or partially repay the consumer loan early, including by increasing the amount of periodic payments, by notifying the lender in writing.
Also, the Borrower has the right to withdraw from the contract on consumer credit (credit card) within 14 calendar days from the date of conclusion of this contract (in case of refusal of such contract, the client pays interest for the period from the day of receipt of funds to the day of their return at the interest rate established by this contract and performs other actions provided for the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Lending" or the contract).

Loan (credit card) application

After You have sent an application, a Bank officer will call you and inform you about the procedure of execution of the service package in the Bank department.

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