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Telemedicine service for holders of Visa cards from MTB BANK - updated!

Telemedicine service for holders of Visa cards from MTB BANK - updated! - photo -

We want to help as many customers as possible take care of their health and the health of their loved ones.

Therefore, the list of available options has been expanded not only for the premium audience, but also for other Visa card holders, and the content is adapted to the new realities in Ukraine.

What exactly is new?  

  • Medical assistance (especially relevant for those who left their homes and lost their usual contacts with doctors):

- Important change! The service is now available to family members of the cardholder

- For premium customers, up to five free online consultations are available (therapist, pediatrician, ENT, dermatologist, neurologist, etc.).

- A selection of services available on the market for free has been created for owners of all Visa cards.

  • Psychological assistance (there is a great need for this service, considering what our citizens are going through):

- Up to 5 free personal online appointments are available for Visa Infinite holders.

- For the owners of all cards, together with the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists and the Family Psychotherapy Section, a psychological support line has been created. 5 free consultations are also available here, including the whole family The duration of the 1st reception is up to 45 min.

  • Support of a nutricologist - continue to take care of your own health, even at such a time

- For Visa Infinite holders, up to 5 free personal online appointments with the formation of a personal plan are available (choice of either a Psychologist or a Nutritionist).

  • Online lectures

- The first lecture from Spartak Saturday – About Stress Resistance – available to all Visa


- The second lecture by Olena Dobrodnyak – Family relations during the war  – available to all Visa


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