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How to protect your funds from fraudsters?

How to protect your funds from fraudsters? - photo -

Buying online is convenient, but to make your purchases safe, we warn you against fraud!

A fraudster can disguise himself as both a seller and a buyer.

Catch lifhacks for safe online shopping:

Only you will know the full details of the card, and access to it – only through a secure mobile application

  • Transfer to it only the amount necessary for the purchase
  • Report only the 16-digit number of your card
  • It is also possible, but not mandatory, to provide your name and surname
  • Check the seller/buyer on the Cyber Police service "STOP FRAUD" or check the site, whose services you are going to use, for presence in the list of fraudulent sites of EMA Black List.

 Keep secret:

  • three-digit number on the back of the card,
  • codes of banks and mobile operators,
  • passwords to internet banking.

Be careful about the sites where you buy and pay for goods

Fraudsters create clone sites, hunting for full card details, codes and passwords.

Sites that accept online payments must be secure, for this they must contain https:// and the "" icon in the address name – pay special attention to this!

The site must have icons for protecting online purchases from payment systems – Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Also pay attention to the signs of fraudsters in online trading:

  • Pseudo seller
  • Offers too low a price for the product
  • Does not agree to purchase with cash on delivery or asks to transfer the advance to the card
  • Does not know the characteristics of the product
  • He is in a hurry to pay for the goods
  • Payment is made to a card issued to a name that does not match the seller's name
  • Sends copies of his documents to build trust
  • Transfers communication from the personal account on the bulletin board site to the messenger
  • Sends abbreviated links allegedly to a site for service registration
  • He asks you to remove the limit from the card for payment, because he received a notification about this from the bank
  • Warns that you will now receive an SMS message to confirm your order, order a service or pay for a product.

The pseudo-buyer deceives the seller with full details of the card (three-digit number on the back of the card, the card's expiration date).

For example, there are problems with payment due to the fact that the payment is on behalf of a legal entity and more information about the card is required.

Entered the card details and realized that the site is fraudulent?

  • Block the card immediately
  • Call the bank's hotline indicated on the back of the card or through Internet banking)
  • Contact the Cyber Police
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