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Fraudulent "pyramid": how not to get caught by fraudsters

Fraudulent "pyramid": how not to get caught by fraudsters - photo -

Fraudsters "sell" non-existent goods in social networks, and the money for the undelivered goods is returned by the brothers, unfortunately, another victim of fraudsters.

This is the scheme invented: the buyer orders clothes from a fraudulent store, pays for them and, of course,  does not receive the goods. If the buyer who has been defrauded is very persistent, the fraudsters give the details of the card that needs to be refunded to other potential buyers. The buyer, who was the first to be cheated, thinks that the funds were returned by the real store, although in fact the funds are transferred to their new victims.

And people who transfer funds then believe that the recipient of the funds is a fraud and can accuse him of fraud and complain about the card to the bank or relevant government authorities, as a result of which the card can be blocked.

How not to get caught by swindlers?

- Buy only from verified online stores.

- Choose postpaid.

! If you buy on platforms not intended for online shopping, for example, on Instagram, check the online store page.

How to buy safely online, read on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine #ShahraiGoodbay: There you can also find information on how to distinguish a fraudulent page of an online store on Instagram from a real one.

If you have become a victim of fraud, fill out the feedback form on the cyber police website: or report your case by phone number: 0 800 505 170.

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