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Qualified electronic signature (KEP) of MTB Bank

Qualified electronic signature (KEP) of MTB Bank - photo -

Yes, yes!
Qualified electronic signature (KEP) is the full use of e-services!

Together with partners DepositSign, we launched a pilot in Lviv, Odesa and Chornomorsk and offer you to get a cloud KEP in 10 minutes at our branches.

And until the end of the year, you can get a KEP for free, for a period of 12 months!

Cloud KEP is:

generation and subsequent storage of a personal key in a special secure cloud storage with the formation of a corresponding qualified certificate as part of one of the tariffs:
email in cloud storage cannot be damaged or lost like a physical medium
convenient to use on a mobile device
no adapters or transition devices are required

Cloud KEP will make easy and convenient:

Signing documents
Receiving admin services
Submission of electronic tax reporting
Entrance to MTV Office

Cloud KEP creates security for your identification and the implementation of any legally significant actions, and one-person access to the key in the DepositSign cloud storage is guaranteed thanks to the use of two-factor authentication, and with its help, it is always possible to generate a file key directly in the DepositSign service for free.

The service is built in compliance with the legislation in the field of electronic trust services and information protection
We are waiting for you in our branches in Lviv, Odesa and Chornomorsk with your passport and TIN.

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