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#ScamGoodbye: learning to distinguish a real site from a fraudulent one

#ScamGoodbye: learning to distinguish a real site from a fraudulent one - photo -

In today's world, when the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, the number of fraudulent sites is increasing. We share effective ways that will help you distinguish a real site from a fraudulent one and protect your personal data and funds on the Internet.

▪              Check the correct name of the sites you go to and enter your personal data. The addresses of real and fraudulent sites can be similar, except for one or more characters.

▪              If you need to go to the website of the company whose address you received in the link, enter the name of the required site in the search engine and only then go to the web resource.

Pay attention to the site protocol.

http is an unreliable protocol, which means that the site cannot be used.

https - you need to continue checking the site.

It is also recommended to additionally check the links of questionable sites:

▪              on the Cyber Police website in the "Stop Fraud" section: Also, in this section, you can check your phone number and bank card for fraud;

▪              through the CheckMyLink service:

IMPORTANTLY! The fraud scheme may be brand new or well-disguised. Therefore, in addition to checking the web resource on the Cyber Police website in the "Stop Fraud" section and the CheckMyLink service, also conduct your own check.

What sites can fraudsters disguise themselves as?

Banks and state institutions.
International organizations.
Online bulletin board.
Online stores.

If you have become a victim of fraud, fill out the feedback form on the cyber police website:

More information about payment security rules is available on the website #ShakhrayGoodbay:

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