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#ScamGoodbye: when shopping online, give preference to payment after payment!

#ScamGoodbye: when shopping online, give preference to payment after payment! - photo -

The sale of non-existent goods on the Internet has been a common scenario of fraud for many years. Criminals improve the level of their "service" in order to be as similar as possible to real sellers.

Fraudsters create the illusion of the work of a real store:

quickly respond to messages;
help to choose the size;
advise on product characteristics;
they promise fast delivery.

If the buyer does not agree to the full prepayment of the goods, fraudsters may offer to make a small prepayment in the amount of 150-200 hryvnias.

There are also cases when fraudsters, after receiving an advance payment for a non-existent product, try to appropriate all funds from the account.

An example of such a scheme: a person finds a clothing store on Instagram, chooses the necessary product, consults and agrees on delivery and payment. After the buyer pays for the product, after a certain time, the fraudsters inform that it turns out that the product does not have the required size, that they will refund the money. To get a refund, you need to log in to the online store and enter all your card details. In this way, fraudsters not only take money for goods that are not sent, but also appropriate money from the card.

Fraudsters also like to delay (“take time”) so that the buyer does not immediately realize that he has become a victim of fraud. An example of such a situation: the buyer paid for the product in the Instagram store, but did not receive the product. The scammer explains the delay in sending the product to the fact that he was in the hospital, so the shipment will be in a few weeks. After a while, it reports that the store page has been hacked, please go to another "backup" store page. Fraudsters "feed promises" to customers who have already subscribed so that their page is not blocked, while at the same time deceiving other customers.

How to avoid such fraud?

▪              Prefer post-payment.

▪              Beware of online stores that lure you to buy quality items at minimal prices.

▪              Do not enter payment card details on unfamiliar and suspicious websites.

▪              Check the site of the online store for fraud for free at:

✔          Cyber Police service "STOP FRAUD":;

✔ EMA Association service CheckMyLink:

IMPORTANTLY! The fraud scheme may be brand new or well-disguised. Therefore, in addition to checking the site on the Cyber Police website in the "STOP FRAUD" section and the CheckMyLink service, also perform your own check.

If you have become a victim of fraud, fill out the feedback form on the cyber police website:

More information about payment security rules on the website #ShakhraiGoodbay:

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