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Offered to receive cash payments, but have to pay a commission?

Offered to receive cash payments, but have to pay a commission? - photo -

Offer to receive cash payments?
You can even choose the amount, but do you have to pay a commission?
Don't mess around. These are scammers!
If a person asks for more than the specified amount, fraudsters never refuse and offer to receive a cash payment, for example, 200,000 UAH, and for this to pay a commission in the amount of 2,000 UAH.
Also, mandatory conditions for receiving payments from fraudsters may be:
• subscription to the Instagram page from which payment is offered;
• like for the corresponding post about payments;
• comment under the post.
When potential victims fulfill these conditions, they only help scammers promote their page, so that more people see the fraudulent post and fall into the trap of scammers. Government institutions, international organizations and charitable foundations never ask to like/comment a post or follow a page in exchange for receiving payments.
How to avoid fraud?
 Do not accept the payment of commissions for the registration of financial aid, only fraudsters offer this!
 Get information only from official sources. If you applied for assistance, expect a notification about the charge in your bank's application or on the portal or in the Diya application. We also provide links to current financial aid programs from the UN and partners:
If you have become a victim of fraud, fill out the feedback form on the cyber police website: or report your case by phone number: 0 800 505 170.
More information about payment security rules is available on the website #ShakhrayGoodbay:

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