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POS terminals with PPO support

POS terminals with PPO support - photo -

Friends, we remind you that from October 1, 2023, all natural persons-entrepreneurs who are taxpayers of the single tax of the second-fourth groups must use settlement transaction registrars (RPO).

Fairly large fines have returned - if the entrepreneur did not write a check for the goods or services he provided, and the violation was recorded for the first time, then he must pay 100% of the amount sold without VAT. Further non-compliance with the law involves a fine of 150% of the amount of goods, works or services sold.

But we took care of everything, including POS terminals with PRO support, and profitable and convenient service:

free installation of the terminal with PRO

convenient connection and integration with internal customer systems

the possibility of installing up to 6 merchants on one terminal

flexible tariff

24/7 technical support

training your employees

Working with us is easy and profitable, because WIN-WIN is about us and about you)
Let's win together!

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