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More than 2,500 citizens have already received a "Card of Cherkasy" from MTB Bank

More than 2,500 citizens have already received a "Card of Cherkasy" from MTB Bank - photo -

Travel payment, account of beneficiaries, social programs and additional bonuses. All this – about the "Cherkasian Card", which has already begun to be issued to residents of Cherkasy.

What is the "Cherkassia Card"?
This is a joint project of the Cherkasy City Council and the company "SMART-TICKET TECHNOLOGY", which won the competition for payment of transport fees services in city passenger transport, as well as partner bank MTB Bank. Issue of "Cards of Cherkasy" – this is the next stage of implementation of the transport reform in Cherkasy. This was preceded by the introduction of an electronic ticket in the city's public transport.

"Card of Cherkasy" – is a bank payment card with NFC technology, which performs the functions of a means of validation and can be used to pay for travel.

Now the first stage of this large-scale project is being implemented, during which its owners will be able to use it as a travel document. The program includes the division of population categories into preferential (if the relevant document is available) and non-preferential.

"Card of Cherkasy" – an important and useful tool for both city authorities and citizens. At the same time, it is a travel document, a payment card and a material carrier of the cardholder's personal data and supports applications related to the provision and accounting of social support measures and other information services. This gives the city authorities ample opportunities to collect analytical and statistical data that will allow to optimize the transport system of Cherkassy», – notes city mayor Anatoliy Bondarenko.

Fixation of a concession holder in transport
For concessionary travel, it is necessary to attach a "Cherkasia Card" with a discounted rate for a device in transport to validate your trip. Fixation should be directly with a plastic card. The passenger must have a document on the benefit with him. The term from which the mandatory validation by the beneficiaries should be mandatory has not yet been determined by the local authorities, and this is only the first stage of encouragement and adaptation, when the privileged category of passengers must get used to the changes and get used to fixing the journey in transport. There are currently no restrictions on the number of trips by beneficiaries in municipal transport. The card works as a payment card both in municipal transport (currently trolleybuses) and in transport of private carriers (where an automated system of accounting for fare payment has been implemented).

The preferential category of the population validates itself with a "zero tariff" only in municipal transport, in the transport of private carriers, the card works according to the carrier's tariff. In all cases, you must have with you the appropriate document certifying the right to the benefit.

Using "Circassian Cards" as a payment
As the partner in the implementation of the project is MTB Bank, "Cherkasia Card" is also paid. It can be used to pay for travel at the validator. By downloading the MTV 360 bank mobile application, you can monitor any payment transactions on the card.
When opening an account, the card comes with a "zero balance". The client can independently replenish it for his own needs. If a person has travel benefits, he will be notified in advance about this possibility.
The client himself can decide to transfer the possibility of salary or pension calculation to this card. For this, it is necessary to contact the bank branch for consultation.

Currently, about 2500 "Cherkasian Cards" have been issued in Cherkasy. Currently, most of them have been received by beneficiaries.
«We are currently working on filling the card with new modern services and benefits. Moreover, in the near future, we will provide an opportunity to quickly issue a card and interact with banking services thanks to means of remote identification using Diya and Liveness», – remarks the Chairman of the Board of MTB Bank Yurii Kralov.

Advantages and bonuses
In addition to payment for travel and certification of benefits for such travel, "Cherkasia Card" will give the owner a number of advantages. Currently, cardholders can receive cashback for products of TM "Voloshkove pole" and 5% cashback in the MEDIT-M, GALA APTEKA, APTEKA 03 chain of pharmacies.

«Currently, work on filling out this part of the card is ongoing. In the future, this card will also accumulate various social benefits, discounts in municipal institutions and private services, etc. This list will continue to expand. We invite business to this mutually beneficial cooperation for the development of our city», – notes First Deputy Mayor Serhii Tyshchenko.

Who can get a "Circassian Card" ?

All citizens registered in the city of Cherkasy (including those who have the right to free travel or have the right to pay for timecurrent fare (schoolchildren, students, etc.).

Where are the delivery points located?

● Cherkasy City Council - str. Baidy Vyshnevetskoho, 36
● Department of Social Policy - Shevchenko Boulevard, 307
● Branch No. 1 MTB Bank - Shevchenko Boulevard, 224
● Branch No. 2 MTB Bank - TsNAP, str. Blavovisna, 170

Preliminarily, a recording is made through an electronic medium (in Tsnap) and lists are compiled to relieve queues;
Working hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30, 0-800-500-255, tech. Transport card support: 0675741088.
! During an air alert, issuing of cards is stopped.

Where can I top up the card?

The card can be topped up for free in MTB Bank branches and in more than 46,000 terminal network of partners throughout Ukraine (Sistema, City24, 2Click, Easypay, IBOX)

What documents are required to issue a "Cherkasia Card"?

- passport or a document that replaces it
- identification number
- document that confirms the status of the beneficiary (if available)

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