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The NBU has set an operation hours schedule for banks during the quarantine New Year holidays.

The NBU has set an operation hours schedule for banks during the quarantine New Year holidays. - photo -

Dear clients,

On December 30, 2020, the NBU EPS will be open until 24: 00.

The foreign exchange market, depository and other National Bank systems will operate as usual. On December 30, the bank's branches will be opened, operations will be carried out on the interbank currency exchange, and payments of individuals and legal entities between banks will be made "on a same day basis".

In the evening of December 30, the NBU will set the official UAH exchange rate to foreign currencies, which will be valid from December 31, 2020 up to January 4, 2021 inclusive. Payments in foreign currency from the State Treasury Service through the NBU and Ukreximbank will be made until 16:00.

No regular interbank payments  be made on December 31; until 13: 00 - only payments between banks subordinated to the same legal entity will be made through EPS; payments from EPS participants to the NBU and State Treasury Service bodies; payments from the NBU and State Treasury Service bodies to EPS participants. The foreign exchange market will operate exclusively taking into account these features of the EPS operation. The Bank day in the EPS ends at 13: 00.

The operational day of the NBU Depository and the CERTIF System ends at 13:00. The NBU Depository provides exclusively operations for the payment of income and repayment of domestic government loan bonds and local loan bonds, for operations of the NBU to regulate liquidity of the banking system, as well as settlements on operations with securities and certificates of deposit, which are performed on the “free-off-payment” principle.

Settlements on payments for repayment and servicing of public debt between the State Treasury Service of Ukraine and the NBU in national currency are made up to 12:30. Payments through the NBU in a foreign currency are made up to 12:30 with the value date not earlier than January 4, 2021.

On January 1, 2021, the Bank day in the EPS will start at 9:00 with the date of the Bank day on January 4.

The National Bank's depository will not operate, and banks will not carry out non-cash foreign currency sale and purchase transactions on the foreign exchange market of Ukraine, including with their clients.

On January 4-6, the EPS and the banking system of Ukraine will operate as usual.

Banks will be closed on January 7-10, and the EPS will accept payments with the date of the Bank day as of January 11. At the same time, the working day from Friday, January 8, according to the government's decision, is postponed to Saturday, January 16. Therefore, on January 16, transfers through the EPS system “on the same day basis”.

On Sunday, January 17, interbank transfers will enter the EPS system  with the date of the Bank day as of  January 18.

On weekends of January 1-3 and 7-10, the Bank will ensure the smooth operation of ATMs, supporting them with cash of various denominations for customer service.

The relevant rules are enshrined with the NBU Resolution No. 159 dated December 16.

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