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Ivanov Rostyslav, #LegendaryTeam!

Ivanov Rostyslav, #LegendaryTeam! - photo -

We continue to get to know #LegendaryTeam!

Ivanov Rostyslav Viktorovych, Deputy Chairman of the Board, area of responsibility - Treasury, International and Investment Relations.

Profession - Scientist

He was the first from the entire team to start his career at the bank as a specialist in the credit department in 1995. Since 2004, he has held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Board.

Three strong qualities?
Optimism, stress resistance, sense of humor

Harmful/bad habit that gets in the way?
Put things off "for later"

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?
More audacity and ambitious goals

Your perfect day?
When you have time for everything

Hobby, sport?
Fitness, quality music and literature, travel

How do you see the bank in 5 years?
A more experienced and strong player in the banking market of Ukraine

Why did you choose the bank? Isn't it boring after so much time?
By chance, but from the first day it has always been interesting, because everything developed very dynamically, market leaders changed, new ones appeared, you constantly have to look for ways to improve, so you will never get bored here

Give life or financial advice to our subscribers:
Believe in your abilities and do not be afraid of difficult tasks, invest in self-development

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