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Factoring MTB Bank

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MTB Bank concluded the first non-recourse reverse factoring agreement

The first non-recourse factoring agreement was signed with our client, the sparkling wine producer Fratelli.

Factoring is a financial tool for companies that work on deferred payment terms.

Today, this service is not yet very developed among the Ukrainian business and banking system, although it has many advantages for the client, the key is:

does not require security (pledges, sureties, etc.)
does not increase the credit load
maximally simplified criteria for assessing the Supplier's financial condition in comparison with a conventional loan

The peculiarity of reverse factoring without recourse is that the Factor (Bank) buys the right of claim to the Debtor under the contract, thereby taking on the possible risk of non-payment.

Our bank has good experience of working with this tool, and the Chairman of the Management Board, Yuriy Kralov, heads the committee of the Association of Ukrainian Banks specifically for the development of factoring in Ukraine. Therefore, contact us, our specialists will provide you with professional advice and will definitely help you use this service.

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