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Other cash transfers

You can transfer funds without opening an account in national currency within Ukraine to the following recipients:

  • legal entities;
  • natural persons-entrepreneurs;
  • natural persons.

You can pay:

for goods or services, for communal services (gas, water, rent, electricity, etc.), taxes and fees, for traffic police services, charitable contributions, for education, for tourist services, etc.
The terms of providing payment services and the amount of the commission depend on whether or not the recipient has a payment acceptance agreement with the Bank. If there is a contract with the recipient, the tariffs, as well as the party paying the commission (sender or recipient), are determined by the terms of the contract.

The amount of the commission, which is withheld from the payer at the Bank's cash desk, is calculated according to the rules of rounding in accordance with the Resolution of the NBU No. 25 dated 03.15.2018 "On optimizing the circulation of coins of small denominations":

an amount ending in 1 to 4 kopecks is rounded down to the nearest amount ending in 0 kopecks;
amount ending in 5 to 9 kopecks, rounded up to the nearest amount ending with 0 kopecks."

PJSC "MTB BANK" provides payment services for accepting cash transfers without opening an account in national currency within Ukraine at branch cash desks under the terms of the Public Offer.

With the terms of the Public Offer for the conclusion of the Agreement on the transfer of funds without opening an account, the execution of separate or one-time payment and cash operations at the cash desks of PJSC MTB BANK. you can get acquainted HERE

Terms of providing payment services here

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