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Vitaly Parastyuk

A picturesque interpretation of the image, work in a large tone range create a feeling of light emitted from within the work, and give an elevated emotional state to its compositions. The artist operates with a dotted and torn, short and long line. The craving for a shredded, arabesque drawing gives his works sophistication and creativity. In the chamber-like spirit of Vitaly Parastyuk’s creativity, postmodern tendencies are pronounced.

Vitaliy Parastyuk: “Everything that I do in the schedule is a form of reflection, the possibility of continuous development, the desire for a deep knowledge of the laws of life”

Now he works in the gravure printing technique - etched etching. The main directions of creativity Parastyuk - easel graphics and bookplate. The artist also tries himself in the portrait bookplate, preferring the images of great musicians, scientists and artists.

Vitaliy Parastyuk fulfills orders for the production of bookplates from large libraries and collectors. The name of the author became famous thanks to his participation in international book-exhibition competitions: Holland 1999 (EL LucVanderBriele), Yugoslavia 1999 (EL LouStrik), Spain 1998 (EL Irina Andrienko), Spain 1999 (EL NiekVisser), Belgium 2000 (E.L. Zuidhot WA) Italy 2000 (E.L. Zuidhot WA), VIII International Biennale of Small Forms of Graphics and Bookplate, Poland 1999 ("On the Outskirts of the Village").

Time for a change.Vitaly Parastyuk - photo -
Marvel.Vitaly Parastyuk - photo 2 -
Where are you ?!.Vitaly Parastyuk - photo 3 -
The islands.Vitaly Parastyuk - photo 4 -
Program Х.Vitaly Parastyuk - photo 5 -
Moon garden.Vitaly Parastyuk - photo 6 -
Streams of Incarnations.Vitaly Parastyuk - photo 7 -
Measurement Streams II.Vitaly Parastyuk - photo 8 -
Riddle from the Past.Vitaly Parastyuk - photo 9 -

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