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Transfer from card to card

Advice on ATM safe use

To protect the users and provide the safety of the transactions the MTB Bank informs the customers about safety of the transactions performed in the ATMs of the Bank and the ATMs of the other banks.

 Take care of the safety of your card in the same way you keep safety of your cash. Often check that your card is in your wallet.

Perform all transactions yourself. Don’t allow anyone to help you during the transaction informing them the code or providing the card.  

If the ATM returns the card you should immediately apply to the bank asking for the reasons. 

If your card was lost or stolen, you should immediately inform the branch of the bank on the loss or steal or call the Information service of the Bank by the number 0—800-500-255 (calls from the fixed-line phones are free). 

PJSC “MTB Bank” takes the protection of its customers seriously. We do a lot informing and explaining our customers the different types of the modern fraud. Unfortunately, nowadays the cheaters often use technical innovations for their illegal activities. Sometimes even the ATMs where you, Our Customer, withdraw your money, become the objects of the vandals’ and robbers’ attacks and the tool using which the cheaters steal money from the card accounts.