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School of Payment Literacy

«School of Payment Literacy» - is a series of short videos in the format of an infotainment web series for high school and first-year university students, your future active clients - users of modern payment technologies.

In each of the five episodes, the characters of the series - Sanya and Sonya, in the format of short stories, face modern payment technologies. Thanks to the mutual exchange of information, with live examples and without any “boring explanations”, they learn on their own and share their experience with the viewer.

1 episode. «My first payment card»

In this episode, your young clients will learn that:

Having your own card is cool!

You can get it with your parents if you are under 14, and you can do it independently from 14 years old.

All that can be revealed to others is your card number! And the three-digit code from the turnover and bank SMS codes, as well as codes of mobile operators must not be mentioned to anyone.

Paying by card is easier, faster, more profitable and more modern than paying with cash.

2 episode. «My first payment card»

In the episode two, your young clients will learn that:

In order to open a card, you only need a passport, identification code and a phone number!

A contactless card is the best option today. It is necessary to immediately set limits on expenses and information about card transactions.

If the card is lost, you must immediately notify the bank about it!

Through the Internet bank, you can see the movement of funds on the card or transfer money from your card to a friend's card.

3 episode. «Modern payment technologies»

In the third episode, your future clients will reconsider that:

NFC is incredibly cool! It is a convenient and secure payment tool.

A payment card is no longer the only payment instrument. Today, it can be anything ... a smartphone, a smartwatch, or a smart bracelet ... if it has an NFC chip.

Attaching a payment card to any device is as easy as to a smartphone.

4 episode. «Payments on the Internet»

In episode 4, your young clients will find out that:

Before paying on the Internet, you need to check the site - its age and registration period using WhoIs.

You should read the reviews.

You must remember about your card limits for online transactions.

5 episode. «Gaming»

In Episode 5, your young clients will learn that:

You can install games only from official stores, and buy internal game items only on Steamstore.

Do not log in from someone else's or public computers without Steam Guard and do not forget to exit the game if you played on a computer other than your own.

It is important to enable two-factor authentication and attach the card.

Be sure to control the permissions given to games.

Do not provide access to your inventory.

You need to replenish your gaming account only legally.

Never gamble because it is illegal.

The series «School of Payment Literacy» was created with the assistance of MasterCard, the EMA Association, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Institute of Banking, the Institute for the Modernization of Education Content and the Ukrainian Cybersport Federation - UESF.

«School of Payment Literacy»
  • Target audience: young people from 15 to 19 years old.
  • Content format: video MP4 (download)
  • Terms of content use: Free. It is forbidden to make changes to the design and the content.
  • Other questions: Raiisa Fedorovska,, +380 50 390 10 26

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