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‘City Dweller Card’ Municipal Card

‘City Dweller Card’ Municipal Card

Municipal Card is a set of measures carried out by local government bodies and local executive authorities of cities of Ukraine, the bank, and other participants in the ‘“City Dweller Card” Municipal Card’ project in order to provide benefits, surcharges, allowances, compensations, and discounts, payment for transport services and other through the functioning of the municipal card.

It is possible to issue a children’s payment card for ‘City Dweller Card’ Municipal Card for children aged from six (6) to fourteen (14) years in the form of an additional card issued to the account of one of the parents (adoptive parents) or guardians of the child.

The first ‘City Dweller Card’ project has been implemented in Cherkasy City. A Cherkasy Dweller Card is already available for everyone to order.

Cashback, bonuses and reductions


We made sure that using the Cherkassy card from our bank was beneficial. Pleasant surprises await cardholders*

Municipal card of a citizen in MTB Bank • Benefits, Travel, Pension - photo - mtb.uaсashback for purchases in the network of bank partners. For each purchase, you will be refunded part of the funds spent

Municipal card of a citizen in MTB Bank • Benefits, Travel, Pension - photo 2 - bonuses and discounts in the institutions of the bank's partners

5% cashback when paying at MTB BANK terminals **:

  • MEDIT-M pharmacy chain, GALA Pharmacy, Pharmacy 03

  • MEDGARANT medical center

  • Molli supermarket chain

  • Cherkasy City Zoological Park "Roshen"

  • Medical Center LLC "NOVUMEDICAL PLUS"


  • Sokil store

  • MC "Likari Cherkas"

* The list of network partners and cities will be constantly updated

*The turnover fee is charged 1 (one) time per month, until the 5th day of the next month.


at the same time, it is a payment card and a material carrier of personal data of the card holder and supports applications related to the provision and accounting of social support measures and other information services and services;

travel document;

a card for crediting a pension or salary;

key to benefits and social programs;

bank payment card, with the possibility of receiving discounts in municipal and private institutions;

the possibility of non-cash payment for goods and services at shopping terminals using  Google Pay / ApplePay on the territory of Ukraine;

To apply for service package fill out an application and our officer will soon contact you


  • Card type: Visa Classic PPC (pre-personalized card) / Visa Classic.
  • Card validity: Visa Classic PPC (pre-personalized card)—1 year / Visa Classic—3 years.
  • Currency: UAH
  • Basic card registration: free.
  • Cash transactions fee: no fee.
  • Minimum required account balance: noone
  • Interest accrued on the account balance: not accrued.
  • Cash replenishment of the account at the Bank’s cash desk: free
  • Cashless crediting of funds within the Bank: 6%.
  • Cashless crediting fee: no fee.
  • Cash withdrawal from accounts at the Bank’s cash desk: free
  • Withdrawal of cash from accounts in ATMs of the Bank: within 10,000 UAH/month—free, over the limit—1% + UAH 5.
  • Withdrawal of cash from ATMs of the FUIB partner bank (Radius network): within 10,000 UAH/month—free, over the limit—1% + UAH 5.
  • Withdrawal of cash from ATMs of other Ukrainian banks: within 5,000 UAH/month—free, over the limit—1.5% + UAH 5 (equivalent in USD/EUR).
  • SMS banking: 20 UAH/month.
  • Push notifications: free
Application for joining the DKBO (individual part)
Warnings and possible consequences
Warnings and possible consequences

The client has the right after the termination of the agreement on the provision of banking services, including in connection with the expiration, termination or execution of such an agreement, to contact the bank with a request for information (certificate) related to the fulfillment by the parties of their obligations established by the contract, including information (certificate) about the absence of debt and the fulfillment of the client's obligations under the contract in full, which the bank provides in the form of a paper or electronic document (at the choice of the client ) within five working days from the day the bank receives such a request.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a municipal card from MTB Bank?
Is it possible to issue a municipal card for a child?

Within the program "Municipal Citizen's Card" an opportunity is available issuing a children's payment card. This card is provided to children aged 6 to 14 and is issued as an additional card that is issued to the account of one of the child's parents, adoptive parents or guardians.

A children's payment card allows children to learn financial literacy and independence in financial management under parental control. It provides a convenient and safe way of making payments, and can also be used to receive preferential conditions and services within the framework of the municipal program.

Issuing a children's payment card is an important step in creating a financial culture among the younger generation and contributes to the formation of their skills in the rational use of money. You will always be able to check the balance of the child's municipal card through the MTB360 mobile application, as well as set limits so that the child does not overspend.

In which cities is the citizen card from MTB Bank valid?

We are happy to announce the launch of the first project "Cards" townsman» in the city of Cherkasy. Already now, all residents of the city have the opportunity to order a "Card of Cherkasy". and take advantage of the benefits it provides.

MTB Bank made sure that using the card was not only convenient, but also profitable. Very pleasant surprises await cardholders. 

First, this is cashback for purchases in the bank's partner network. For each purchase made using the card of a Cherkas citizen, a part of the money spent is returned to you.

Secondly, these are bonuses and discounts in the institutions of the bank's partners. Owners of "Cards of Cherkasy" can receive various bonuses and discounts at partner establishments, which additionally stimulates purchases and ensures their profitability.

Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the card and the favorable conditions we offer to our customers. Order the card today and get benefits from the first day of its use.

How to top up a municipal card?

Cash replenishment of an account at the cash desk of MTB Bank — this top-up method is free and available at all branches of MTB Bank. Just visit the bank counter with the required amount of money, and it will be credited to your account instantly.

Cashless transfer of funds within MTB Bank — this top-up method is also free and does not require additional costs. It is enough to use the MTB360 mobile application to transfer funds to your account.

Cashless transfer of funds from other banks — this method allows you to top up your card by transferring funds from another bank. A commission of 0.6% is charged for this service.

Choose the top-up method most convenient for you and take advantage of your municipal citizen card.

Procedure of execution

Execute an application

Fill out an application

Make an arrangement with the manager

At the meeting discuss terms and conditions and execute the documents


Essential Features
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Warnings and possible consequences

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Agreement on comprehensive banking services for individuals (public part of the DKBO)

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Application for execution of services

After you have sent an application, a Bank officer will call you and inform you about the procedure of execution of the service in the Bank department

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