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Salary Card “CLASSIC”

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Salary Card “CLASSIC”

Do you want to use all the possibilities of MTB Bank? Apply for an “CLASSIC” contactless card. With its help, individuals can use different types of banking, replenish the account and make secure payments in the Internet 3D Secure. For the full information on the tariff card “CLASSIC” , contact the managers of MTB Bank


free primary card registration;

free crediting of a salary (within the salary project framework);

free cash crediting of an account;

contactless payment for purchases with Google Pay / ApplePay;

3D Secure online secure payment service;

non-cash payments in the retail and service network and the Internet - no fees;

issuing the additional same class card for family members;

payments by Card up to 1,500 UAH without entering a PIN code and signature, contactless, both off-line and on-line;

E-mail banking/ Internet banking / Mobile banking / SMS banking;

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card type: Visa Classic;

card validity period: 3 years;

currency: UAH/USD/EUR;

registration of the primary card: free;

monthly fee for CDS: free

annual CDS fee: not charged;

registration of an additional same class card: 60 UAH;

additional card maintenance: free;

security deposit: none;

interest accrued on the account balance: not accrued

cash replenishment at the Bank's cash desk: free;

non-cash depositing of a salary (within the salary project framework): free;

cash withdrawals at ATMs and branches of MTB BANK PJSC are free of charge

cash withdrawals at ATMs of the FUIB partner bank ("Radius" network): within the limit of UAH 20,000. in the month – free of charge, over the limit 1% + 5 UAH.

cash withdrawals from ATMs of other Ukrainian banks: within the limit of UAH 20,000. in the month - free of charge, over the limit 1.5% + 5 UAH.

E-mail banking/ Mobile banking: free

SMS – banking per month: UAH 20/month.

Push Notifications: Free

Application for joining the DKBO (individual part)
Warnings and possible consequences
Warnings and possible consequences

The client has the right after termination of the agreement on the provision of banking services, including in connection with the expiration, termination or execution of such an agreement, to contact the bank with a request for information (certificate) related to the fulfillment by the parties of their obligations established by the contract, including information (certificate) about the absence of debt and the fulfillment of the client's obligations under the contract in full, which the bank provides in the form of a paper or electronic document (at the choice of the client ) within five working days from the day the bank receives such a request.

Procedure of execution

Execute an application

Fill out an application

Make an arrangement with the manager

At the meeting discuss terms and conditions and execute the documents


Essential characteristics of the card
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Tariffs Card for receiving payments
374 KB


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Warnings and possible consequences

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Agreement on comprehensive banking services for individuals (public part of the DKBO)

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Note on safe use of PC

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Application for execution of services

After you have sent an application, a Bank officer will call you and inform you about the procedure of execution of the service in the Bank department

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