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For Seafarers

up to 300 000 UAH
Interest rate
8 %
up to 12 months
Calculation of oriented loan payment
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Loan period, months
Monthly payment
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See indicative Payments Schedule

The Marine Program from MTB Bank is a loan for consumer needs related to the costs of execution of a sailor's contract or going to sea.

We offer a loan at a rate of 9 percent for up to 12 months with the possibility of principal repayment deferment for 3 months. You can get money even if you depart on your first voyage and do not have a special education.

If you previously took out a loan to buy real estate, a car or for other needs, you can become a member of our loyalty program. Unlike, for example, a loan secured by a deposit, no collateral is required according to the conditions of the Marine Program.


Possibility of postponing the repayment of the principal amount of loan up to 3 months

The possibility of obtaining a loan for the first voyage and seafarers without special marine education

Minimum % rate

Without collateral

Fixed interest rate

To apply for - fill out an application and our officer will soon contact you.


Ways of Taking Out a Loan

To get money, you need to contact us in one of the following ways:

  • call the bank at the indicated phone numbers,
  • fill out an application on our website,
  • order call back,

After that, we will ask you to provide a package of documents, and after approval of the application we will give you the money.

Package of Documents

You will need:

  • Ukrainian passport;
  • TIN;
  • sailor's passport;
  • marriage registration or divorce certificate (if any);
  • voyage contract for the last 12 months;
  • contract for the upcoming voyage;
  • guarantor's passport and TIN.

For more information, to learn about the benefits or to take part in another loan program, for example, loan secured by real estate or Easy Loan, please contact us.


Essential characteristics of the loan "Marine"
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Repayment of a loan

Loan (credit card) application

After You have sent an application, a Bank officer will call you and inform you about the procedure of execution of the service package in the Bank department.

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