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The whole world is in smartphone! Pay with Google Pay!


Clients of PJSC "MTB BANK" - holders of Mastercard cards - can now make purchases without contact, using the global service Google Pay (formerly Android Pay). The new innovative service, launched in partnership with Mastercard, provides clients of MTB BANK with access to contactless payments using their mobile phone (smartphone).

The Head of the Retail Products Development Department of PJSC "MTB BANK" Oleg Makhov:

  • This service allows you to add Mastercard cards to the Google Pay application and pay by them from your smartphone on contactless POS-terminals in the trade-service network, the city infrastructure and the Internet without physical participation of the payment card. In Google Pay, you can also add loyalty cards, gift cards, and special offers. Some sellers offer additional bonuses when paying through Google Pay, and also remind you to use the card when you are in the store. Google Pay service is implemented on the global digital tokenization platform Mastercard which operates with Google. The platform allows you to turn almost any NFC-device (phone, tablet, clock, etc.) into a secured payment tool.
  • Today, using your smartphone, you can pay not only in stores, but also at gas stations, vending machines, parking lots, and pay for public transport. Google Pay is available to owners of Android-smartphones with the operating system KitKat 4.4 and higher, which support the NFC technology. In order to start using the service, MTB BANK's clients should simply download the Google Pay app from the Google Play store and add data of any Mastercard cards.
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