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What is credit history?

What is credit history? - photo -

Credit history – this is a file on all current and paid loans of the borrower, which contains information about how faithfully and on time the debt was repaid. Also, the credit history contains information about the guarantor.

Where can you get your own credit history?

Collection and storage of such information is carried out by credit bureaus.

Seven credit history bureaus are registered in Ukraine, of which five are currently active market participants.

How to check your credit history?

  • Get online on the website of the bureau or on other online channels (for example, in the mobile application of the bureau, chatbots in Viber and Telegram, as well as in mobile applications of some banks).
  • Order credit history by mail.
  • Contact the office in person.

Can I get a free credit report?

 According to the Law of Ukraine "On Organization of Formation and Circulation of Credit History" Once per calendar year, you can get your own credit records free of charge. All subsequent appeals during the year will be paid.

How do bureaus get information about loans?

Information on loans issued by the bureau is obtained from lenders. Therefore, a credit history is formed for each borrower – information about his loans and the dynamics of their repayment.

What is the storage period for information in the credit history?

Information in the bureau is stored for 10 years from the moment of closing the credit agreement.

Who has access to credit history?

  • Owner of credit history.
  • Lenders who have the appropriate consent from the owner. For example, a creditor to whom a person applies for a loan. In this way, the financial institution checks the integrity of a person's fulfillment of his previous and current credit obligations.


That is why it is important to take care of your own credit history, because a good credit history gives responsible borrowers a chance to count not only on getting a loan, but also on  more loyal lending conditions.

  Read more information about credit history at #ZnaySvoiPrava_Kredyty

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