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#ScamGoodbye: how to protect yourself from phone scammers

#ScamGoodbye: how to protect yourself from phone scammers - photo -

Phone payment fraud is one of the most common types of fraud that can lead to the loss of money and confidential data.

Fraudsters can call on behalf of bank employees, mobile operators of government institutions in order to defraud citizens.

Phone scams can take many forms, from simple attempts to extort payment details to more sophisticated methods of obtaining confidential information.

An example of such fraud: a fraudster calls and introduces himself as a bank security employee, asks to install a remote access program to strengthen security measures. If the citizen follows the instructions, the fraudster remotely accesses his online banking and transfers funds to another account on behalf of the citizen.

There are many scenarios of phone fraud, so in order not to fall into the trap of fraudsters, always stop the conversation if they ask for the three-digit number on the back of the card (CVV/CVC code), passwords for Internet banking, codes of banks and mobile operators, PIN code for the card. There may also be situations when fraudsters convince you to install a program for remote access on your phone or laptop (TeamViewer, AnyDesk, RMS, RDP, Radmin, Ammyy Admin, AeroAdmin), convince you to remove limits from the card or make a transfer of funds in their favor.

If a bank employee calls, say that you are now calling the official bank number indicated on the payment card.

If you accidentally told the fraudster the details of the card, bank code from SMS, immediately block the card or change the password for Internet banking.

If you have accidentally given your online banking password to a fraudster, immediately block your cards, accounts and access to online banking by calling your bank at the number on the back of your card.

If you have become a victim of fraud, fill out the feedback form on the cyber police website:

More information about payment security rules is available on the website #ShakhrayGoodbay:

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