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Bank vaults of MTB Bank are about reliability!

Bank vaults of MTB Bank are about reliability! - photo -

Strongly built, with 24-hour security, while the rental price is affordable.

What you might need an individual safe for

  1.  Storage of valuables -  money, bank coins, jewelry, family heirlooms and other items , which have value for you.
  2.  Storage of documents - important contracts, property certificates, passports and other documents that require special level of security.
  3.  Storage of electronic data carriers - USB drives, hard drives, CD or DVD with an important information.

    The bank safe provides a high level of confidentiality and security , as access to it is granted only to its  owner and (optionally) a trusted person.

    For today – it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.
    If you have not yet decided to rent cell – now is the time. And we will make sure that it is as convenient and comfortable as possible for you.

    List of branches equipped with bank safes
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