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How do I check my credit history?

How do I check my credit history? - photo -

An independent credit history check can prevent some unpleasant situations, such as:

  • appearance of fraudulent loans in your name
  •  penny debt on a loan or credit card that you thought was paid, which due to long-term non-payment may grow significantly;
  • paid loan that has not changed to closed status;
  •  identify and correct inaccuracies or out-of-date information in the credit history.


But remember that you can check your credit history for free only once a year, all other requests – paid.

What to do if you found inaccurate information in your credit history?

  •  Contact the creditor who provided such information with the requirement to update the data.
  •  Contact the credit bureau and report an error in the credit history. For its part, the credit bureau will contact the creditor who provided such information to clarify the data.

If the creditor confirms the authenticity of the previously submitted data, you can leave your comment on the credit history of up to 100 words.

Read more information about credit services at #KnowYourRights_Credits

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