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Sea Wolf

We want to do everything to make your sailing as comfortable as possible. Get the payment card with the minimum amount of withdrawal limit of USD/EUR 50. Receive salary on it and the opportunity to pay with it all over the world. Moreover, you can keep all your account statements in one place thanks to SMS Banking and Email-Banking.


• Getting Visa Gold chip payment card.
• Getting additional Visa Gold chip payment card.
• Payments in foreign currency.
• Providing the account statements through SMS-Banking.
• Providing current card account statements through Email-Banking.
• Access to and maintenance of the e-payment services, such as Internet-Banking, Mobile Banking.
• 3D-Secure security when paying on the Internet.


• Fixing the withdrawal limit on the card for additional payment card holders.
• Minimum amount of the withdrawal limit - USD/EUR 50.
• Interest accrued on the account balance – 1%.
• Minimum interest on currency conversion – 1%.

Documents, necessary for getting the SEA WOLF package:

• passport;
• document on assignment of a taxpayer identification number (taxpayer ID number).

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