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Treasury credit line

Hereby we offer a revolving credit line for legal entities of all industries and types of activities with a solid financial status, the term of business activity of which must be at least 12 months. With the help of a Treasury credit line financially stable corporate clients can cover cash liquidity gaps.

Lending currency: the national currency of Ukraine.

The maximum interest rate on tranches does not exceed 36% per annum.

Financing period: the agreement term of validity - up to 12 months with the possibility of extending it for another 12 months, and the maximum extension period is up to 36 months.

Provision of financing: the tranche is transferred to the current account opened with MTB Bank PJSC.

Repayment: payment of a commission for setting the outstanding limit under the credit line – on the day of signing the loan agreement.

Collateral: mortgage of residential and non-residential real estate, pledge of transport, equipment, special equipment, property rights under a Bank Deposit Agreement, under which the deposit is placed in a bank, etc., according to LTV for the corresponding type of collateral. The business owners / director of the legal entity-borrower may provide a guarantee as an additional security.

In the case of blank lending, the limit is defined as 18% (eighteen percent) of the borrower's average monthly revenue (excluding VAT) for the last reporting quarter.

Collateral insurance: with a bank-accredited insurance company for a standard set of risks.

Terms for using tranches:

- up to 7 calendar days;

- from 8 up to 14 calendar days;

- from 15 up to 21 calendar days;

- from 22 up to 28 calendar days.

The possibility to extend the term for using the tranche according to the client's application is provided.

The total period for using the tranche may not exceed 28 calendar days.

The term for using the tranches cannot exceed the deadline for repayment of debt under the loan agreement.

Payment of accrued interest – monthly in full.

Principal debt (tranche) repayment – comply with the terms of granting the tranche, during the bank's operational hours.

Basic requirements for the Borrower:

- financial class of the Borrower – not lower than “5”

- the term for registration and implementation of the Borrower's operating activities is not less than 12 months;

- compliance with requirements under the Regulation on credit procedures (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) in MTB Bank PJSC;

- no negative credit history as of the date of the project consideration, no overdue debt and legal proceedings on loans from other banks;

- availability of a positive conclusion of the Bank's security service;

- approval of credit transactions under this lending program is carried out according to standard regulations.

Leave an application for a credit line or contact us at:

0 800 500-255 (for Ukraine)
+38 (0482) 305-905 (for other countries).

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