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Escrow account

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Escrow - is a special account opened by a bank to a client under a conditional storage account agreement. Under this agreement, the bank is obliged to accept and credit funds received from the account holder or from third parties to this account. The Bank provides the client with services for the translation of these funds to the beneficiary (indicated by the account holder to the person), as well as services for the return of such funds to the account holder if there are grounds provided for in the agreement.

A conditional storage account (escrow) is opened by individuals (residents and non-residents-investors) in case of need to block funds until the obligations on which the funds are placed or are fulfilled.

Account currency:

Current Account Service Tariffs

List of documents for opening an account

Escrow Account Agreement (Shares)

Escrow Account Agreement (Foreign Investment)

Conditional Storage Account Agreement (Escrow)

Warnings and possible consequences

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